Product Info

Microbiology Testing
Rapid detection of E.Coli in processing plants and water (Charm ECOLITE) 
Rapid detection of Salmonella in processing plants and water (Charm PATHOGEL)

Pre-prepared microbial plates for environmental and product testing and the detection of microorganisms (Charm Peel Plate)

Food & Water Testing:
Antibiotics, Pesticides, Aflatoxins in milk, tissues, honey, etc. (Charm USA) 
Rapid pasteurisation testing, Milk/cream/cheese/flavoured products (Charm PASLITE and FAP). 
Allergen Testing: Detection of residues on surfaces and CIP solutions (Charm ALLERGIENE)
Reagents, Enzymes and bioanalysis test kits for wine, beverages, foods and research (Megazyme) 
Tests for specific allergens (rapid and EIA) for foods, water, and plant surfaces. Contact Us.

MYCOTOXINS. Rapid tests in feed and grain (including Aflatoxin B1, Zearalenone, Fumonisin and DON) (Charm USA). 
MYCOTOXINS. Rapid tests in milk and dairy (Aflatoxin M1) (Charm USA). 
Rapid detection of spoilage in shelf stable and extended life products (e.g. UHT) Charm EPIC. 

Physical Testing:
Texture analysis of foods including stickiness, gumminess, hardness, softness, elasticity, flow of powder (Stable Microsystems UK) 
Physical characteristics of packaging materials (Stable Microsystems UK) 
Baked products volume measurements (Stable Microsystems UK) 
Consistency/viscosity/flow rates of foods (Bostwick Consistometer).

Rapid Hygiene Tests:
ATP real time testing on surfaces and CIP solutions (Charm POCKET SWAB PLUS and Watergiene) 
Rapid surface test for residues (Charm Verlicleen) 

Food Safety Products:
Glitterbug handwashing training (Brevis USA)

Liquid Handling

We are now able to offer a range of BRAND Dispensing and Pipetting instruments and consumables