From pasture to table, Food Innovation begins in the Lab. Food Tech Solutions brings you the best tools for research purposes, with our wide range of specialty of biochemical reagents and enzymes.

With a product range of over 500 different assays and equipment, we can meet all your research needs.





Our product range covers many areas of Food Science. This includes

  • Food: Food Tech Solutions offer a comprehensive array of enzymatic assays designed to quantitatively and qualitatively measure the components of food
  • Dietary Fibre/Carbohydrates: highly pure enzymes, analytical test reagents, assay kits, defined polysaccharides and oligosaccharide standards to aid you in your endeavours to measure dietary fibre, starch and complex carbohydrates


  • Beverage and Fermentation: Kits designed to detect components in beverages, assays to quantify end-of-reaction and specific sugar-detection assays.


  • Animal Nutrition: Feed analysis and testing. Assays designed to measure the chemical processes that transpire in the gut of animals.


  • Pathogen Testing: Liquid handling for the detection of water pathogens as well as ATP detection.



  • Education: Food Tech Solutions supply an innovative range of educational materials including Hand-Washing for Food Safety purposes with UV detection.


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