Analytical & Nutritional Analysis

Analytical & Nutritional Analysis

Megazyme International is a global leader in the development and supply of innovative diagnostic technology for the food, feed, fermentation, dairy & wine industries.

Megazyme International Ireland is a privately owned biotechnology company specialising in the development, manufacture and supply of diagnostic test kits and reagents for the food, feed, dairy and wine industries.  Megazyme markets a range of over 500 products, both direct to customers and via a network of International Distributors, in 90 countries.  Export sales account for 98% of turnover.

Megazyme was founded in 1988 in Sydney, Australia by Dr. Barry McCleary and Ms. Angela Kennedy. It relocated to Bray, County Wicklow, Ireland in 1996 into a purpose-built research facility. In 2005, the facility was expanded to accommodate a Molecular Biology Division and to allow expansion of the analytical and production facilities. In 2008, Dr. McCleary purchased all shares in the company.

Megazyme is the sole world supplier of more than 80% of the products listed in it's catalogue, including high purity soluble dietary fibre from oats and barley (ß-glucan) and from wheat (arabinoxylan).

Industries we serve:

Analytical: Megazyme's mission is to provide high quality test kits and reagents employing only the highest purity enzymes. We can assist the Analytical Laboratory in testing samples in terms of Nutritional value of foods and feeds, quality, authenticity, or in terms of their Research and Development capabilities.

Animal Feeds: Cereal grains and legume seeds are major components in the feed formulations for chickens and pigs.

Baking and Bread Improvers: In bread production, a knowledge of both the alpha-amylase content and the water absorption of the flour is essential.

Biofuels Research: Biofuels have existed for many years but more recently, with increasing environmental issues and a finite source of fossil fuels, biofuel development has become a major research focus.

Malting, Brewing and Juice: In beer manufacture, barley grain is malted (germinated under controlled conditions) and kilned. This malt is extracted to give wort. The wort is cooked and treated with hops, fermented with yeast, filtered and stabilised.

Fermentation and Enzymes: Many aspects of the processing and up-grading of cereal and other plant products require the use of enzymes of plant and microbial origin.

Milk and Dairy: Enzymatic bio-analysis plays an important role during the processing of milk, and production of cheese, yogurt and other fermented milk beverages, such as kefir.

Milling and Starch Industries: In the milling of cereal grains to flour for food and feed applications, the quality of the feed-stock grain and the recovered fractions are paramount

Research: Most of the problems experienced in the processing and utilisation of cereal and legume grains and fruits have been, or could be, resolved through focused applied and basic research programs.

Wine: Enzymatic bio-analysis plays a vital role throughout the whole of the wine-making process:

Plant Breeding: The aim of plant breeding programmes is to select and propagate plant lines with improved qualities.

Detergent Industry: Due to continued biotechnological research, the detergent market continues to make progress in certain niches.

Textiles Industry: Enzymes are being used increasingly in textile processing, mainly in the finishing of fabrics and garments. Some of the more important applications are desizing and jeans finishing.


Food Tech Solutions is the NZ distributor for Megazyme.

For non-stock hold items please refer to Megazymes Product Guide for Catalogue codes.

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E-AMGDF Megazyme Amyloglucosidase ASSAY PROCEDURE
This kit contains 140,000 assays. Amyloglucosidase (A. niger) CAZY Family: GH15 From A...
Price: Enquire
E-AMGDF Megazyme Amyloglucosidase ASSAY PROCEDURE
This kit contains 140,000 assays. Amyloglucosidase (A. niger) CAZY Family: GH15 From A...
Price: Enquire
This kit contains 100 assays. Many of the properties of cereal starches that determine their ..
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This kit contains 100 assays. For some time the brewing, food and ingredient industries have ..
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This kit contains 100 assays. Fructans are defined as any compound where one or more fructosy..
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This kit contains 200 assays. Dietary fibre is a mixture of complex organic substances includ..
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This kit contains 100 assays. To satisfy the need for an extremely simple, yet quantitative a..
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Megazyme Kit Organizer
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