Charm EPIC is a new generation microplate bioluminescence system that rapidly predicts spoilage in shelf-stable, UHT, and extended shelf-life (ESL) beverage products. Fusing speed and sensitivity, EPIC positively impacts the bottom line compared to conventional microbiological methods, enabling faster 36 hour product release from warehouse, reducing process line downtime, and providing more time for remediation.

• Faster release of product
• 36 hour incubation for most products
• Patented Plate Mask: Eliminates interference between wells to
ensure correct readings)
• Short 30-minute testing time to results for a full 96-well plate

Products that can be tested include white milks, flavored milks, soy beverages, creams, yogurt-based drinks, lactose-free milk, ice cream and shake mixes, rice milk, condensed milk, broths, and nutritional drinks.

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Food Tech Solutions are the NZ Distributors for Charm Sciences.

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