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Megazyme International, a global leader in the development and supply of innovative diagnostic technology for the food, feed, fermentation, dairy & wine industries.

Megazyme produces a wide range of enzymes for research and for inclusion in new analytical test kits. 

Megazyme offers a full set of advanced test kits and has taken a dominant position in wine testing worldwide.

Megazyme has also recently developed a new, all inclusive, method for measurement of total dietary fibre which allows accurate measurement of resistant starch and non-digestible oligosaccharides. This method has received official validation from both AOAC International and AACC International.

Food Tech Solutions is the NZ distributor for Megazyme.

For non-stock hold items please refer to Megazymes Product Guide for Catalogue codes.

We place our weekly order with Megazyme at noon on Fridays with an ETA to the customer of the following Wednesday.

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Megazyme Kit Organizer
A handy tool to help organise Megazyme reagents and assays for storage and identification ..