Bostwick Consistometer

Consistometers (Otherwise known as Bostwick Consitometers) are a simple yet effective way of accurately testing the viscosity of a product. Used extensively in the cosmetic, paint and chemical industry it has a wide applicaiton of use in the food industry as well. It is a simple unobtrusive benchtop device that measures the parameters of relative consistence a substance.

When do you need a Consistometer? Whenever you need to measure the relative ability of your liquid or semi-liquid sample to flow, usually over a defined period of time. It's important to note that consistometer measurements are different from viscosity measurements. Viscocity is an entirely different principle of a products ability to move or "flow", usually when an external force is applied to it. See our texture analysis page for more information on measuring physical properties.

For a break-down of the product and its applications, see the product guide below.

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In the Food Tech Industry, the Bostwick Consistometer is ideal for products such as preserves, sauces, fillings, soups, baby food and salad dressing. In the cosmetic industry it can be used to test the flowability of lotions, creams, shampoos and other such products. It can even be used in the paint and textile industry.

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