Environmental conditions play a huge role in affecting end product quality. The measurement of ATP (adenosine triphosphate) as an indication of hygiene is a tried and tested way of ensuring that proper cleaning measures are in place. Eliminating contaminations arely on, reduces the amound of spoilage and end-product testing in the final product.

Food Tech Solutions are the New Zealand agents for Charm Sciences (www.charm.com)
Charm provides a variety of rapid pathogen indicator tests for food and water ranging from detecting coliform, E. coli and hydrogen sulfide producing enterobacteriaceae, to coliphage. All are considered indicators of fecal contamination, especially when found in water supplies.

Charm also provide Rapid Hygiene Monitoring Systems.The novaLUM is a palm sized luminometer that supports a robust variety of HACCP-friendly Charm ATP-based tests designed to strengthen hygiene monitoring programs and QA processes. These include rapid monitoring tests for surface hygiene, allergen control, pasteurization verification, pesticide detection, and water quality.

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We also supply sterile filled dilution vials for use in Microbiology labs.

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