ChemWell 2910 Automated ELISA & Chemistry Analyser

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Megazyme International has teamed up with Awareness Technology to offer a complete automated analysis package.

The ChemWell® 2910 is a fully automated open system analyzer capable of performing EIA and biochemistry assays, and is supplied with optimized programmed protocols ready for use with an extensive range of Megazyme test kits.

The ChemWell® 2910 performs biochemistry assays in micro-well strips using a standard 
96-well layout. On completion of the assays, the micro-wells can be automatically washed for re-use and being equipped with 27 reagent positions and 96 sample positions, this provides the capability to perform continuous tests without intervention at up to 200 tests per hour.

The durability, flexibility, accuracy, precision and economical design of the 
ChemWell® 2910 make it an ideal analyzer to meet the needs of high-throughput laboratories.