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This kit contains 72 assays.

Due to its excellent acidulant, flavorant and preservative properties, Citric acid (citrate) is found in a large number of natural and processed foods and beverages, such as fruit juice and other soft drinks, beer, milk, bread, candies, and dairy and meat products. This acid also finds many other applications, such as in paper manufacture, or in the wine industry, where the presence of significant quantities indicates the use of citric acid as an acidulant, a practice with an allowable upper limit of just 1 g/L (final concentration) in the EU. The quantification of citric acid is also important in clinical chemistry.
Polyvinylpyrollidone (PVP) has been incorporated into the Megazyme assay format to prevent inhibition caused by tannins found in grape juice, fermenting must and wine. In addition to a > 2 years shelf life and competitive price, both manual and auto-analyser assay formats are described, making this product ideal for citric acid determination applications in laboratories of any size.

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