novaLUM Rapid Hygiene Monitoring Systems

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Charm Sciences Rapid Hygiene Monitoring Systems.

The novaLUM is a palm sized luminometer that supports a robust variety of HACCP-friendly Charm ATP-based tests designed to strengthen hygiene monitoring programs and QA processes. These include rapid monitoring tests for surface hygiene, allergen control, pasteurization verification, pesticide detection, and water quality. The instrument, tests and trending software help optimize SSOPs and meet the strictest audit requirements. Providing unrivaled speed, versatility and customization capabilities, the novaLUM sets a new standard in ATP hygiene testing.

ATP Swabs
Validating and verifying effectiveness of cleaning and sanitation programs is integral to Food Safety, Sanitation Audits and HACCP. Charm Sciences offers multiple luminescence swab tests to detect ATP (adenosine triphosphate) in seconds for total surface hygiene verification. A complimentary non-instrument based, color-based swab, the VERIcleen, is also available for sanitation monitoring programs. Click on a tab below to find out more about each test.

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